Daddy Cat

Colony: Leisure Acres May 2020
Daddy Cat was an infamous and prolific neighborhood kitten maker when we purchased the property in late 2015. He had resisted being trapped by at least two experienced trappers over the years. He would prance and strut through the backyard at the edge of the woods. Sometimes he’d sit on the patio table, staring through the window. Once in a while, he’d stick around long enough for us to put out some wet food and water, always remaining a few feet away. Several neighbors were also feeding him, but no one could touch him.

On a particularly rainy and cold evening in the Spring of 2019, he FINALLY let our founder pet him while he was eating. It was Fancy Feast Flaked Fish & Shrimp (we affectionately call it “cat crack”) that finally won him over. After cleaning his plate, he flopped upside down and let her rub his belly. In the carrier, he went and has been our official mascot ever since!

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