Colony: Downtown Waxhaw May 2019
Meow was one of the first adults trapped at the downtown Waxhaw location – there were 20 adults and 18 kittens. He had never had wet food before and went in the trap pictured a few minutes after it was set; Jasmine and Scarlett are pictured with him and have been rescued as well. The neighbor on the adjacent property was trapping the cats and drowning them in his pond. That is how we became involved with the colony and WHY the Accidental Feral Cat Sanctuary exists. (And yes, it is legal here for you to kill an animal on your property if it is a “nuisance.” For the full story, click here.) Meow is very friendly with us now but is still skittish around strangers. He is so named because he has a LOUD meow and lets you know when he’s hungry. Look at that face!

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