Colony: Walnut Creek August 2020
Rambo was a joint rescue between a homeowner, GCK, and another rescue group who took the homeowner’s call. They had unsuccessfully tried to capture him for over a week using a standard humane trap. He had a gaping wound covering half of his neck; the middle photo is AFTER surgery and he was a wee bit tipsy still. The wound was badly infected, and he needed immediate medical attention. Even after we became involved, it still took another week and the use of a drop trap to catch him. Post-surgery, we crated him for over a month to allow the wound to heal, give him daily pain medication, and monitor his eating. We had to clean it daily even though he was fairly aggressive. In the ensuing days, we discovered that he was somewhat friendly and surmised that he had likely been abandoned in the neighborhood at some point in his youth. He has made so much progress here at the sanctuary and has a couple of “girlfriends,” Lila and Noemi are his favs!

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