Thank You

Thank you. All of the cats that come to the sanctuary are rescued from the street, backyards, behind shopping centers, industrial office parks…, and sometimes from dumpsters.
Before moving in, each cat needs complete veterinary services including a full medical exam, FeLV/FIV/heartworm testing, being spayed/neutered (if they are of age), FVRCP and rabies vaccinations, nail trims, deworming, and flea medications. Depending upon the findings of the medical exam, individual cats may also need ear cleaning, antibiotics, grooming, dental surgeries, extensive bloodwork, x-rays, or ultrasounds…
Even though we work with low-cost clinics, the medical costs quickly add up:
$45-65 physical exam*
$12-15 covers a 1-year rabies vaccine*
$12-$17 covers a FVRCP 1st vaccine* (These have to be repeated after a month for young cats/kittens.)
$25-27 covers a FeLV/FIV/HW snap test
$17-18 covers a single dose of topical dewormer
$5 covers a single dose of a 2-hour flea medication
$15-18 covers a single dose of topical flea medication**
$25-50 covers a male neuter
$42-60 covers a female spay
$25-50 covers an antibiotic injection
Typical initial veterinary cost for a female cat: $173-198.
Typical initial veterinary cost for a male cat: $156-188.
*Annual per cat
**Monthly per cat
These amounts do not cover medical costs as the need arises, or the monthly ongoing costs of our special needs cats.

Special Needs Cats

FIP/Feline Infectious Peritonitis: URGENT donations needed

Did you know that cats have their own versions of coronaviruses, not transmittable to humans? The family of viruses is known as feline enteric coronaviruses. In most cats… (fill in the rest of the copy/cite references…) wet/dry/neuro…

However, in SOME cats, the virus mutates, in the same way that there are new strains of covid-19. The mutation is called FIP or feline infectious peritonitis. Until  (2017-check date), it had almost always been fatal. There was a study done (cite the study) that found a drug that cured FIP in 80% (look up) of the cats treated.  Gotham City Kitties is currently treating four cats for FIP—we are desperate for funds to help cover the costs. If we do NOT treat the cats they will die. The medication is experimental. The cost to treat is based upon the weight of the individual cat; the dosage amount increases slightly as the kitty progresses with the treatment and gains weight. The brand that we are currently using is $90 a vial and there is 6ml of the drug in each vial. For example, the cost for a 5-pound cat is around $1400 plus monthly bloodwork and physical exams—in total, approximately $2,000 per cat.


Dex has wet form, and is on more than half way through (show 2-3 photos) DONATE to Dex 

Sydney has wet form, and is a week behind Dex (show 2-3 photos) DONATE to Sydney

Seven has dry form and neurological form:DONATE to Seven

Julio has the neuroglical formDONATE to Julio

STOMATITIS: Ongoing donations needed for Peter Parker, Cassiopeia, Persephone, and Ace

Stomatitis is a  (fill in)


ELDERLY SPECIAL NEEDS KITTIES: Isabel, Miss Kitty, Theodore II, Buttons, and Queenie


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